Pantycoed Stud




Brynebbw Brigadier 30405 Cwmffrwyd Lead Soldier 24290 Gregonne Mischief 18292
Talachddu Orangeade 44350
Bengad Penny Royal 55435 Revel Cello 4647
Bengad Pansy 30476
Pantycoed Daioni 77074 Cottesmore Phizz 5244 Clan Pip 3266
Cilrhedyn Pepita 13159
Coed Coch Dwynen 19466 Coed Coch Salsbri 2749
Coed Coch Saint Ann 13582

Very successful in youngstock classes and now siring show stock including Pantycoed Queen of Hearts Ch and Res. Supreme Gwent Area etc 2002.  

FORLAN HONEY WIZARD leased from Rosmarche Stud to stand season 2012 at Pantycoed. His yearling son Pantycoed Takahe (ex Pantycoed Teal) (below)  is being shown by us this year.