Pantycoed Stud

The Three Dam Lines

DWYNEN’s daughters (see pony history) are shown with their families in tabulated form. Only current residents or their dams are shown. Note each family is named after a different subject: DAIONI – birds, DELYTH – characters from books, DWYNEN – flowers.




77074 Pantycoed Daioni by Cottesmore Phizz 5244 1984 - 1999 Grey
        46013 Pantycoed Kingfisher by Brynebbw Brigadier 30405 1995 Grey Stallion
        110901 Pantycoed Pheasant by Sunwillow Zurs 38490 1996 Grey

                134707 Pantycoed Redwing by Rosmarche Hemlock 54411 2004 Chesnut/roan
                        Pantycoed Redstart 87076 by Heniarth Question 65700 2010 Grey Gelding
163802 Pantycoed Skylark by Heniarth Yarre-Glen 58114 2011 Roan/Grey
                150378 Pantycoed Silver Pheasant by Menai Silver Senator 53526 2008 Grey

        117465 Pantycoed Teal by Pendock Buttonhole 34486 1998 Chesnut
                153035 Pantycoed Serin by Heniarth Quip 47099 2008 Chesnut
                159197 Pantycoed Nightingle by Polaris Starbright 31552 2010 Grey
                Pantcoed Takahe 91308 by Forlan Honey Wizard 45919 2011 Chesnut Colt

  KINGFISHER was a very consistent prize-winner in youngstock classes including 1st Three Counties, 2nd Royal of England (twice), National Pony Show (twice), Pembroke County and United Counties and 3rd Royal Welsh (only time shown). This line has done very well under saddle. Linnet and Robin were great ambassadors with Robin being Champion Show HUnter Lead Rein at the Ponies UK Summer Show 2000 and at HOYS 2004. They have been followed by Tawny Owl (by Rosmarche Hemlock ex Teal), the full-brothers Little Owl and Snowy Owl (by Heniarth My Milligan ex Teal) and Wigeon ex Wren. Teal has been an exceptional producer for us.

Pantycoed Kingfisher Pantycoed Pheasant
Pantycoed Teal Pantycoed Tawny Owl



Pantycoed Delyth

81122 Pantycoed Delyth by Revel Janus 9284 1986 - 2011 Palomino
        98239 Pantycoed Alice by Gwynrhosyn Geraint 33853 1993 - 2003 Grey
                119549 Pantycoed Queen of Hearts by Kingfisher 46013 1999 Grey/Roan
                       153034 Pantycoed Cinderella by Heniarth Yarre-Glen 58114 2008 Grey
                       Pantycoed Tweedledum 87077 by Heniarth Question 65700 2010 Grey Gelding
                       Pantycoed Icarus 91142 by Colne Turbo 71469 2011 Grey Colt

        129290 Pantycoed Viola by Pantycoed Kingfisher 46013 2002 Grey
        125331 Pantycoed Portia by Pantycoed Kingfisher 46013 2001 Bay/Roan
        148391 Pantycoed Tinkerbell by Pantycoed Tawny Owl 63989 2007 Grey

QUEEN OF HEARTS is the first to be born combining two Pantycoed lines and therefore tracing 3 X 3 to Dwynen.





90784 Pantycoed Dwynen by Bengad Whitebeam 27359 1990 - 2005 Grey
        112781 Pantycoed Jonquil by Sunwillow Zurs 38490 1997 Palomino
                144669 Pantycoed Foxglove by Pantycoed Tawny Owl 63989 2006 Chesnut


JONQUIL is also a registered palomino and had a very successful show season in 1999, being 1st and Res Ch Ponies UK Wales, Treharne Trophy, Best fully registered Welsh and Ready Token Cup Best Section A , Best 2yr old and filly unlikely to exceed 148cms and Best under 138cms National Palomino Championships and 1st and Res Ch Cardigan - only times shown in Palomino classes.


Pantycoed Jonquil